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Popular tracks like Bitter Mr. Brownie, Swazz, and One Precious Memoir have the whole tone of elctro-digital music with a perfect blend of de música.

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Atlanta (the New York of the South) is Gautam Dev’s home base, but his music ignites dance floors everywhere. This isn’t a hobby – Gautam Dev creates – producing a massive 1,445-track collection of genre-bending EDM, techno, house, and trance medleys. Get ready to push boundaries. Gautam Dev’s sound is as infectious as his passion. Tracks like “Bitter Mr. Brownie” (over 107k listens on SoundCloud) and “Duality” and “SWAZZ 1” (both surpassing 100k listens) are just a taste of what he brings. But music isn’t Gautam Dev’s only masterpiece. This multi-talented artist runs a cyber company and an automotive company, proving his business savvy. When it comes to following his passions, there’s no stopping him. Just like he turned a love for cars into companies, he turns his musical imagination into reality. Formula 1 fan? McLaren enthusiast? You might just find Gautam Dev geeking out alongside you, because when he loves something, he dives in, heart first. Hit that follow button – you won’t want to miss what Gautam Dev creates next!